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Photographers are employed by Excalibur Photography on a contract basis.

Photographers will be employed at one of three levels dependant on their ability and experience.

Level One or Senior Photographers is our top position at Excalibur Photography as such the ability and experience must reflect this. Compensation for this position is also commensurate with this ability and experience. The Senior Photographer is normally given the responsibility of managing the shoot or assignment.

Level Two or Junior Photographer is the next position available at Excalibur Photography, a Candid Photographer at a wedding is a typical assignment for this level of photographer. Most photographers will start at this level with Excalibur Photography.

Level Three or Assistant is the entry level position at Excalibur Photography. Students studying photography who have no practical experience will be employed first as assistants before moving up to the Junior Photographer positions.

Any photographers interested in working for Excalibur Photography should submit their resumes with some examples of their work to the human resources department at employment@excaliburphoto.com .

Please note Senior Photographers must have a portfolio available from review to be considered for this top level position. Junior Photographers must have examples of their work but an extensive portfolio is not required.


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